Gambling Addiction – A Heartbreaking Experience

Any addiction is horrible. A gambling addiction is no different than any other addiction. It is the addiction of the optimist. The gambler that is addicted truly believes that they are one bet away from hitting it big. It is a belief system that fuels a gambling addiction.

American’s by their nature are risk takers. We are taught to take risks in school and the most successful members of our society have been risk takers. This fuels the gambling addict’s belief system that they too can succeed if they take one more chance. The problem is there seems to be no filters working. The filter that is supposed to kick in and say “I can’t take a chance with this money” because I have to feed my kids or pay my rent. They just lay their money down truly believing that they are taking a well calculated risk with their last few dollars, and sometimes they win, which only further fuels the belief that they are destined to continue to win. Unfortunately the behavior is repeated over and over again until there is nothing left to lay down on a bet. Just like an alcoholic believes that they are in control so does the gambling addict. Even after they have lost their families and their homes they still believe that if they just would have made the right bet everything would be different. We live in a society where money is highly valued and unfortunately it sends the wrong messages.

There is a certain amount of refusal to take responsibility that is apparent with the gambling addict. They blame “bad luck” or base their losses on superstitious belief but very rarely choose “bad choices” or “irresponsible behavior” as one of the causes for losing everything. It is really sad to see someone believe so hard in something only to lose it all based on the belief. A gambling addiction can easily tear families apart, leaving everyone in great debt. It also can promote illegal activity on the part of the addict, trying to find extra cash to gamble away. บาคาร่าสูตร

There is help for the gambling addict. There are organizations that are built around helping the addict face the addiction, taking responsibility and developing a new thought process to help a gambling addict to rebuild their life. The process does not happen overnight it is an ongoing battle, but getting things under control is possible. The first step with any addiction is recognizing that there is a problem. This may require loved one’s to step in and help the individual to see what gambling has done to their life and what it has done to other people’s lives.

The best way to avoid a possible addiction to gambling is to never start. It is hard to avoid the temptation to win millions of dollars of a one dollar bet in the lottery, or to win thousands of dollars in a slot machine. But if you know yourself and you know that it may be a problem for you, than just don’t start at all. It is far easier to avoid bad behaviors than it is to cure them.


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